Deaf Dog Was Chained Outside For Years — Now He Can’t Stop Kissing Woman Who Saved Him

Holly Dean is an animal rescue volunteer. She recently received a call about several dogs that were being kept chained outside near her town of San Antonio, Texas. Dean didn’t give it a second thought before she was out the door to help.

The owners of the dogs had already agreed that they’d give up the dogs; this only made Dean want to rush there even quicker. Every additional second that they’re chained was just breaking her heart.

“I was really surprised when I first arrived. The dogs were out all day and night. There was a circle of dirt — you could tell that’s where they walked,” Dean told a fellow website.

“They could only go so far because they were chained and walking in circles. Their collars were belts.”

As she continued to walk around the property, there was one white dog in particular, that caught her eye.

“He was missing a lot of fur, and his skin was red and inflamed. Then I learned he was deaf,” Dean said. “I walked over to pet him and he was still such a happy guy, despite the conditions.”

Dean decided that she’d call the white dog Blanco; she loaded Blanco and all of the other dogs into cars to remove them from the property. At this point, other volunteers had arrived to help.

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