Dancing Dogs – And the Amazing World of Freestyle

A dancing dog is always a sight that gets us laughing, and it sure is fun to watch. But there’s also a whole world of dog dance you may never have heard of. It’s called Musical Freestyle, and for the past 25 years it’s been taking the world by storm.

If you’ve ever seen a dog doing what seems like a dance routine on two legs, you can’t help but laugh. Let’s face it, a dancing dog is just plain funny, like in the hilarious clip we show on the next page, of a Teacup Poodle getting his groove on!

Musical freestyle started in many places almost simultaneously around 1989, when demonstrations of the talent  began appearing at about the same time in Canada, England, Netherlands and the U.S.

Two types of Freestyle sport have developed competition circuits of their own, and its worldwide popularity is growing. Practitioners see it as a competitive sport, not entertainment….though the audiences may disagree!

Continue on the next page to watch the funny poodle video! These dogs have better moves than most humans can pull off!