Dad Catches Dog Suspiciously Sneaking Behind Bed, So He Grabs The Camera And Follows Him

suspiciously sneaky

Peace and quiet is sometimes all we want in a day. But sometimes it can be hard to come by. Even dogs need a little time to themselves! This video you’re about to see of a suspiciously sneaky dog will explain a lot.

The star of the video is a French Bulldog and apparently he had a secret that he was trying to keep all to himself. But unfortunately for him…the secret was discovered.

The tiny dog was standing suspiciously by his owner’s bed for an unusually long time. His owner decided to grab a camera to try and catch what he was up to on video. After a few minutes? That’s when he caught him!

A few minutes pass and the dog goes next to the wall next to a giant teddy bear. The Frenchie hops over the bear and starts heading into a crevice between the wall and the bed. But why?

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