Chinese Shar Pei

“My word! What are those ugly little pigs doing in your backyard?” my mother commented soon after she arrived for her first visit to our new home.

My partner, Emily, gurgled with tightly contained laughter. My mom’s remark was almost exactly what Emily had said it would be.

I sighed and said patiently, “They’re shar pie puppies, mom!”

“They’re dawgs?” she drawled in her honeyed Georgia accent.

At this, Emily bolted from the room.

“Yes, mom,” I said, “they’re dogs.”

“Are you rescuing them? Did someone do that to the poor little things?” she asked.

“No mom,” I said. “I bought them. They are show dogs. And, I am going to raise shar pie puppies.”

“Someone would actually pay you money for those unfortunate creatures?” mom asked dubiously.

“Yes mom,” I replied. “Shar pei are a popular breed.”

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