Can All Dogs Swim?

Everyone has heard of doggie paddling, but can all dogs actually swim? Actually, not every canine is naturally good in the water. Some need a little more help, and some dogs will never be able to swim.

If you have dog as a pet then you may be interested to know if it’s from a breed that is naturally inclined to be able to swim.

We are going to take a look at the swimmers and non-swimmers of the canine world, and what you can do to coax your dog if they are able to swim but not naturally inclined.

Which dogs are the best swimmers?

Some dogs are excellent swimmers, and will naturally take to the water. Labradors and retrievers are both breeds which are naturally gifted at swimming, as are spaniels and poodles. These dogs will love a dip in the water and it’s very good for them. It’s great for improving and sustaining flexibility, as water creates resistance during exercise but isn’t harsh on joints.

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