Cameras Catch Stranger Dumping Dog In Backyard, Then He Leaves A Note About Her Abuse

dog abuse rescue

Sometimes you see things that make you question if what you’re seeing is actually real. It may be too unfathomable to register as real life. That’s exactly how a man named Quincy Bui felt after witnessing dog abuse.

He had gone out into his backyard and found a little dog suffering from a skin condition and it obvious that she had suffered abuse. Bui amazingly has a security camera installed at his house and ran to watch the footage.

After reviewing the evening’s footage – this is when that heart-sinking feeling mentioned earlier really sunk in for Quincy Bui.

While watching the footage he saw a man come into his backyard with the dog in hand and just leave her there. But then – he noticed the man carried a piece of paper over to the doorstep and leave it there.

Bui’s heart broke when he saw what was left on his doorstep. It was a note left by the man. Continue to the next page to read what it said. Don’t worry – there’s a happy ending to all of this.