Bride Breaks Down In Tears On The Altar Saying Goodbye To Her Dying Dog On Her Wedding Day

goodbye dog

It’s no secret that when you own a dog – they truly become a part of our families and our hearts. And unfortunately, when the time comes, it is extremely hard to say goodbye to them. It’s heartbreaking.

Dogs are no longer just “pets” – they are our companions and our best friends. Which means if they become sick or even worse…saying goodbye can be just as difficult as if they were a human being.

Of course – during these moments we as humans have to understand that because we love them – it’s better to make sure they’re not in pain. And we can hold onto hope that they will be going on to a better life.

It’s the good memories that we can hold onto that will let their presence live – long after they’re gone. The bride-to-be, named Kelly O’Connell, in this video you’re about to see will have some amazing photographs to help remember her dog.

Kelly invited her dying dog, Charlie Bear, to be a part of her wedding day. The results are absolutely magical and heartbreaking at the same time. Continue to the next page to see this amazing video.