Breed Specific Legislation On The Decline

Thanks to states taking action to halt municipal governments from banning certain dog breeds, discrimination against owners of pit bulls, bulldogs, mastiffs and other breeds isn’t gaining much traction any more.

Many cities across the U.S. have attempted to ban certain breeds, declare them as dangerous, and/or require owners to keep their dogs muzzled, or leashed away from any public areas.Boxer_(dog)

Washington State enacted legislation to prohibit such bans, after they were enacted by the cities of Yakima and Pasco. Eighteen other states already have such bans in place.

Nationally, the trend is toward replacing this kind of breed-specific legislation (BSL) with more neutral laws that make humane care, custody and control of dogs the duty of every dog owner, regardless of breed. Most animal control ordinances already impose fines and punishments for dog attacks of any kind.

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