Blind Pup Named “Smiley” Is Giving Smiles To Many As Therapy Dog

A beautiful Golden Retriever named Smiley was born without eyes. But that didn’t stop this amazing pup to become a service and therapy dog in Canada helping dozens of patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

The dog’s owner, named Joanne, rescued Smiley from a puppy mill when he was just a little over a year old. Joanne, although a bit anxious, couldn’t wait to introduce Smiley to her deaf Great Dane named Tyler.

Smiley was scared because he hadn’t been out of the puppy mill barn before. But once he met the Great Dane – his personality shined and they both became best buds – never knowing one another had a disability.

Joanne realized how much joy Smiley was bringing to people’s lives and knew he’d make a great therapy dog – a dog therapist of sorts!

Smiley, the therapy dog, changed the life of a hospital patient who had never smiled before. Continue to the next page to read how Smiley did it.