Big Dog Can’t Stop Worrying About Tiny Rescue Puppy


You’re about to meet a big dog named Dolly that is absolutely going to steal your heart. A woman named Jackie O’Sullivan adopted her two years ago and she has made a difference in so many lives.

Dolly has been a foster mom to over 30 puppies. The puppies would come into the foster home from shelters or Craigslist — more astonishingly, from yard sales.

“She’s been a mother and a buddy to all the foster puppies who have come in [foster care],” O’Sullivan, cofounder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a New York rescue group, told a fellow website. “She’s very good and gentle with all of them, and I think people love seeing her with the puppies.”

Dolly is used to puppies crawling all over her — but it was one puppy in particular that the big dog took a very special bond with. The puppy was 6-week old Kendall. Dolly sensed that she was special.

Kendall had seizures. Dolly could sense that she needed to be watched over and gladly took the role. The beautiful and precious relationship took off from there and you’ve got to see it on the next page.

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