2 HILARIOUS Videos! Best Babysitter EVER and Dogs Flipping Out!

This baby has the best babysitter ever!  Rupert, the French Bulldog is keeping this little 6-month-old baby so happy and entertained!  The baby is just laughing hysterically as the puppy runs in circles and jumps up and down.  The baby wants Rupert to do his tricks over and over again!

Mom can definitely take a few minutes break with Rupert around.  The dog and baby obviously have a very special bond.  It really shows how great dogs can be with little kids!

Watch this very special video which also includes brand new puppies literally flipping out trying to get some breakfast!

This large litter of puppies has made nursing a competitive activity.  The chubby little pups crawl all over each other to try and work their way to their mom.  The little ones bury in with their littermates and watch as they flip each other over and slid around upside down!

Nothing cuter than puppies and babies!  Continue to the next page to see the video.