Artist Creates Hilarious Guide To Dog Breeds And Their Personalities

What’s your favorite dog breed? That’s a very hard question to answer when there are so many incredibly unique and amazing dogs out there. Dogs are so wonderful because not only are they loving, caring, and loyal – but they have the best personalities in the world!

It’s true that each dog has their very own individual personality with funny quirks and habits, but it’s also true that breeds of dogs tend to have similar personalities as one another. For example, Labradors tend to love food, Golden Retrievers tend to be really hyper, Chihuahuas always have a frightened look even though they aren’t – you get the drift.

A woman named Grace Gogarty thought it would be funny to depict specific dog breeds as cartoons and hilariously highlight their different personality traits. The results are side-splittingly funny and surprisingly spot-on.

Take a look at her illustrations below and let us know which is your favorite in the comments below.

Continue to the next page for more of Grace’s amazing illustrations. Are any of these feeling relatable yet? The drawings really only get better from here.