Army Dog Stands And “Salutes” His Handler As He Retires From Duty

Dogs are smart, fast, quick-witted, and unwaveringly loyal. It’s no wonder that they are considered man’s best friend, or why they’re used as service and military dogs. They are just amazing creatures.

Recently there have been pictures that have surfaced that show just how close a soldier and his military dog companion can become. They’ve had experiences that have formed an unbreakable bond.

The pictures are of a beautiful German Shepherd named Duo Duo and he serves as a military dog in eastern China. His handler, Wang Xudong, was retiring from duty and it was time for his final salute.

As Xudong’s fellow soldiers stood in perfect formation, they all stood and full attention and gave him a strong soldier’s salute. It was a moment that he earned after years of hard work and loyal service.

But just because Duo Duo is a dog, doesn’t mean he was just going to sit there. He wanted to show his respect by saluting as well! Continue to the next page to see this awesome and emotional moment.