Are You a Potential Owner of the Noble Great Dane?

The Great Dane is a German breed characterized by its enormous size. One owner commented that it was like owning a Shetland pony. Despite their size and whip-like tails, Great Danes are among the gentlest of dog breeds. Often called the “gentle giant” of dog, the Great Dane is mild mannered and easy going.

Great Danes require only moderate amounts of exercise. They are quiet around small children and other pets. Their short hair means they do not require a lot of grooming and they don’t shed.

Because the Great Dane is so large he is not an apartment pet. He requires large spaces both indoors and out. Great Danes are social creatures. They do best where there are other pets and someone is home during the day.

Some members of this breed suffer separation anxiety that can result in chewing objects if left alone for long periods.
When deciding to get a Great Dane as a pet you have some choices to make.

Danes come in brindle, black, or harlequin. Each has its visual appeal. You’ll definitely want to check out the adorable pictures on the next page. Also – some more things to think about when  getting a Great Dane!