Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Wallace the Pit Bull was really a pussy cat at heart. He longed to be pampered like Lucie the poodle down the street. Lucy had cute clothes and a diamond necklace. She slept in a pink bed and ate fancy French dog food. That looked like a great life to Wallace.

Lucie assured him he would soon grow tired of everyone fussing over him.

I’d be willing to give it a try! Wallace thought.

Wallace was tired of the macho image that stereotyped his breed. In truth, his friend Lucie was much more aggressive than he. The postman should watch his steps at Lucie’s house. Wallace was always polite and pleasant when the postman or deliverymen rang the doorbell.

He’d run to greet them, smiling broadly. Unfortunately, most service people misinterpreted his welcoming gesture. Even though his owner explained that he was just being sociable, Wallace was usually relegated to the spare bedroom until the service man had completed his work.

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