After Animal Control Decided Family’s Dog Was A Wolf, They Are Fighting To Get Him Back

“I want everyone to know he is not a wolf at all,” Abbato said. “We all knew it from the start.” However, since Capone had escaped from their yard, the family faced charges of “animal at large.”

The family is building a larger fence and the family is now waiting for a judge to make their decision. “Poor guy. … I don’t know what he was going through in there, but I’m sure he’ll be so excited to come home and see us and his furry brothers,” Abbato said. “I just want him to come home now. It’s time for him to come home.”

“I don’t understand. This dog has a loving, caring home. People who abuse dogs, leave them outside in 2-degree weather, how do they still have their dogs?” Abbato said.

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Source: KDVR

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