After Animal Control Decided Family’s Dog Was A Wolf, They Are Fighting To Get Him Back

After Capone had hopped his family’s fence, he was taken in by animal control. Based on suspicion alone, they thought the dog was part wolf. Given this assumption, the family was unable to get their dog back until a DNA test was performed.

“They say he is a hybrid-wolf now and don’t want to release (him) back to us because he is an exotic animal,” Ms. Abbato said.

animal control

The workers at the animal shelter also claimed that Capone’s mannerisms and physical features were very “wolf-like.” They informed the family that they’d make every effort to place him in a wolf sanctuary, but otherwise — he’d need to be put down.

“I am 100 percent confident he is not a wolf, not a doubt in my mind,” said Abbato.

animal control

The results of the DNA test came back and it was confirmed that Capone was in fact — not a wolf. However, even after the results were received, the shelter refused to give up the dog and told the family they’d need to go to court.

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