After Animal Control Decided Family’s Dog Was A Wolf, They Are Fighting To Get Him Back

animal control

The moment that a dog enters our lives, they become a part of our families and steal a piece of our hearts. Imagine how devastating it would be for animal control to take your beloved pet away from you.

The Abbato family’s dog named Capone escaped from their yard and was taken in by their local Colorado animal control shelter. When the family showed up to retrieve their dog — they were informed they couldn’t have their dog back.

The stunned family asked why and it was explained to them that Capone was a wolf hybrid and would need to either be euthanized or placed in a wolf sanctuary. The Abbato’s couldn’t believe their ears.

What was so shocking is that they’d had their sweet dog for over 10 years when they adopted him from an animal shelter. He had been listed as a German Shepherd mix. Capone had become a major part of their family.

Now — Capone’s fate would be in the hands of a DNA test. Would animal control give the Abbato’s their dog back? Find out on the next page.