You Won't Believe Your Eyes When You WATCH This Avalanche Rescue Dog Rappels Off Chair Lift!!

Winter activities are huge in this country and the mountain tops and powder dusted peaks are places where a lot of people spend their recreational time. But these outdoor activities like anything in nature can be dangerous as well.

That’s why there are rescue crews trained to search out missing outdoorists if they find themselves in trouble. This also applies to people who go missing in avalanches or storms.

You can guess searching for people in something like 10 tons of snow can be a difficult feat. All kinds of things can go wrong to make the job more difficult and so what do they do? They of course bring in the dogs.

And not just any dogs, dogs who can rappel from the ski lifts to assist in searching for missing people. At Castle Mountain in Canada they use the closed lifts to practice rappelling with the dogs for when these circumstances arise.

Watch below to see this amazing dog in action! You can see the dog is a little apprehensive but still remains calm as they lower to the ground.

Looks like this 4 legged rescue worker will have it in no time. I know I’ll feel better on the mountain knowing these guys are out there!!



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