You Won't Believe Your Eyes When You WATCH This Avalanche Rescue Dog Rappels Off Chair Lift!!

There are many MANY good reasons we are dog lover people. I love dogs because they are loving, happy, fun, loyal and I mean the list could go on forever.

They are remarkable animals and throughout the dog species each different breed has their own amazing qualities. German Shepherds for police dogs, retrievers for guide dogs, cattle dogs for ranching, again the list goes on!

So it’s no surprise they have begin to train all types of dogs for field search and rescue work. We all know how keen a dog’s sense of smell is and that is one of their best assets for these jobs.

They are so different but they still have common traits running in every breed.  Bravery is one, most dogs wouldn’t think twice before jumping in to help their humans or a person in need, just look at Lassie!

We know dogs have skills, but I never thought I’d see the day where a dog was rappelling like a human. Continue to the next page, you have to WATCH this dog in action!