ADORABLE Puppy Named Walter Has Had Enough Of Being Filmed – Watch His Perfect Reaction!

Nowadays with some of the best photography technology living right under our fingertips in our phones capturing every moment of life is easy. Anytime you see something you just point and shoot. But sometimes? You don’t want to be filmed!

Throughout my dog’s life I have pretty much always had my camera at the ready for them. Anytime they did a cute puppy tumble or played with a toy in an adorable way there I was snapping a photo.

Even as kids when there were only those giant camcorders people used to carry around making actual video tapes my parents were ready for anything. They always used to catch us kids in action on holidays, going to the beach or really any family event.

We take these moments on film because they are so fleeting and precious. Being able to watch your baby take their first steps over and over is a priceless memory you’d never want to forget.

Sometimes though always having a camera in your face can get old real quick and one little pup named Walter couldn’t agree more. Continue to the next page to WATCH his adorable reaction.