Adorable Little Girl Sings To Foster Dog So She Doesn’t Feel Alone

Every once in a while you hear or read of a story that just touches your heart and brightens up your entire day. Well, today we have such a story. It’s the story of a foster dog Laila.

Laila is a foster dog not because she was abandoned or not loved. On the contrary, Laila was loved dearly. But unfortunately, Laila’s mom….Petty Officer Second Class Baez, who is in the Navy, had to be deployed to the Middle East. So she needed to find a dog adoption service or someone who could help take care of her dog.

Therefore, Laila had to be put up for adoption. Things were not looking good at first, due to the fact that all plans to find Laila a home never worked out.

Until…a very special family came along with the help of an amazing organization called: PACT For Animals. Which is a group that helps families in emergency military or medical situations find homes for their pets. What a wonderful arrangement!

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