Adorable Dog Is Determined To Save Every Earthworm She Sees

Every single dog is born with the instinct to love, protect, and show compassion. It’s practically in their DNA — and it couldn’t be more evident with the adorable dog you’re about to see in this super cute video.

Dogs are also the perfect creature for us humans to learn from — every single day they exhibit the characteristics that many of us try so hard to show. They are truly incredible animals, and let’s face it — they’re just fun to be around.

The 2-year-old puppers you’re going to meet is named Holliday. She’s an incredibly cute girl who was adopted by Caitlyn Beebe when she was just a teeny tiny puppy. She’s been a part of the family ever since.

Not only is Holliday an incredibly adorable dog, but she’s known for being extremely compassionate with other creatures. Even the ones that most people would walk right past or even maybe step on.

One day, when Holliday was visiting Beebe’s parents with her owner, the precious dog determined that it was her duty to start being a rescuer. It was decided one day that she was going to take it upon herself to start saving ones that were less fortunate than she is.

The hilarious part is — the creature that Holliday is hell bent on rescuing, is an earthworm! Well, lots of earthworms actually! I know, it’s a bit strange, right? But when you hear why, you’ll love it!

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