Adorable Dog Crashes Other People’s Parties And Doesn’t Feel Bad About It At All


The little dog didn’t seem to care at all that he was crashing the party. In fact, it seemed like he’d probably been through the routine a time or two before. Every time he gets escorted out, he knows his cuteness will win everyone over.

Lucas decided to post the hilarious photo online with the caption, “When you didn’t pay the entrance fee …” His little paws are dangling as the big bouncer assists him from the dance floor.


“The owner of the venue told me the dog is almost always there,” Lucas told The Dodo.

Other people started posting their photos of the party-crashing dog as well. It wasn’t long before the photos started to go viral and people from all over wanted to adopt the funny guy. Lucas tried to get the dog adopted.


Eventually, however, Lucas found out the truth behind the furry party crasher. Continue to the next page to reveal the dog’s identity!