Adorable Dog Crashes Other People’s Parties And Doesn’t Feel Bad About It At All


No one wants a party crasher. Nothing is worse than having an uninvited guest show up unannounced at a private event. The event crasher in this story, however, is too cute to turn away.

Lucas Valéo is a professional photographer from Brazil. He was hired to snap photos at an event space in a beautiful rural area outside of Sao Paulo. As he started to take pictures, he noticed a dog mingling with the guests.

Lucas thought it was funny because the cute dog seemed particularly interested in the guests that were holding or serving food. Of course, Lucas had to take pictures of the adorable dog even though no one knew who he belonged to.

It wasn’t long before Lucas was hired as the photographer for another event at the same event space as before. As he was taking photos of some of the guests, he noticed a funny, familiar face.

As it turns out, it was the same exact dog as before! But this time, the picture he captured was the little guy getting escorted off the dance floor by a bouncer.

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