Abused Pit Bull Puppy Used as Bait Finds a Forever Home

Sampson, a Pit Bull-Dachshund mix, was used as a bait dog for Pit Bull fighting when he was just a small puppy. At age 3 months, he ran away and started living on the streets…but a deadly problem ran with him.

The copper wire wrapped around his neck that was used to dangle him over fighting dogs had become ingrown and was slowly choking him. In this strangled state, he was found in a park and dropped in a night box at the local animal shelter.

But life in the shelter wasn’t much better than on the streets; Sampson was on the euthanasia list. That’s when this author found her first rescue dog.

No one had seen his face as he hid under his blanket in his crate. He wouldn’t eat and was soiling his crate too. Just heart breaking.

The shelter deemed him “unadoptable.” But we brought him home. Immediately, we took him to the vet to have the copper wire surgically removed from his neck. But the scars remained – both physical and mental.

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