Abused Chihuahua Rescued From Puppy Mill – Becomes Award Winning Hero!

The story of this little Chihuahua’s life is nothing short of unbelievable. His name is Harley and he endured a life of hell for over 10 years. Once he was rescued – he became the voice for all the dogs in puppy mills!

At first glance – you might look at Harley and wince a bit. He happens to be missing one eye, has deformed legs and tongue that can’t go back in his mouth. All of these injuries he acquired while being held in awful conditions at a puppy mill.

Thankfully – Harley was rescued by a wonderful organization called National Mill Dog Rescue. When they found him – he was in bad shape. Nasty infections and a heart condition are also on the list of this poor pup’s health conditions.

They even think he lost his eye when the cage he was in was being pressure washed with him still in it! Isn’t that the most horrible thing you’ve ever heard?!

But one Colorado couple heard about Harley’s story and drove hundreds of miles to go pick him up, adopt him and bring him to a home filled with love!!

Not only did Harley’s life just completely change – the American Humane Society gave him one of the most prestigious awards a dog could get! Keep reading to find out about his award!