A Golden Retriever & A Pink Ball Are Spreading Awareness About Breast Cancer And It’s AMAZING!

It’s no secret that there are thousands and thousands of people who are in desperate need of healthcare. Many people cannot afford the high costs of things like basic healthcare and more importantly – cancer screenings. One Golden Retriever is trying to change that. 

Thankfully – there are people and organizations that are helping make these things possible for people living in poverty. And one artist – Tom Mosser – is using a Golden Retriever as his muse to make people’s lives much richer.

Tom has paired with an organization called Adagio Health – they provide health services to families that would otherwise not have access. They are truly doing a wonderful job at making this world a better place.

And Tom? Well he’s doing his part too! He’s created an incredible piece of art called “Pink Love”  A Golden Retriever at the Museum. It’s beautiful – it’s gorgeous – and it’s literally going to be changing the lives of many women.

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