A Dog That Can Double-Dutch Jump Rope! MUST Watch!!

At Our Passion for Dogs, we sometimes run across ordinary Americans who are doing extraordinary things with their dogs. After all – they are amazing, aren’t they?

It’s always great to see home videos of people’s dogs doing crazy tricks. But when they’re doing something that you thought only human could pull off, now that’s incredible!

I discovered one such woman recently who wrote in to our Facebook page with a video of her dogs performing a trick that absolutely blew my mind! Truly – this is amazing.

Her name is Samantha Valle. She’s been training dogs for 13 years. She and some partners developed their own business called  Mutts Gone Nuts, which is a traveling comedy dog thrill show.  (Okay I have to admit this performance genre is a new one to me!)

Her latest trick: dogs jumping rope…DOUBLE DUTCH style! For more about the dogs and to watch the video, continue to next page.