7 Puppies Rescued From Under Porch And It’s The CUTEST Thing Ever!!

We all know the choice of becoming a dog owner is a really big step to take. Anyone who has a dog knows there is work involved as there is with having any pet. And puppies can be especially difficult to manage.

You have to take care of them, feed them, walk them, make sure their shots are up to date and countless other things. They are a life we choose to take care of so it’s important to follow through and make sure your pup is healthy and happy.

Because people don’t always take this job as seriously as they should you see a lot of sad stories about dogs that are in bad situations. It’s people not realizing that dogs need a lot of love and time, like a member of the family.

Along with taking care of a dog comes the responsibility to neuter or spay, shots and other things all dogs need. When looking at shelter sites you often see litters of abandoned or neglected puppies because the owners couldn’t take care of them.

Luckily we have a great network of humane societies and rescue shelters that step in to give these dogs or puppies the homes they deserve. Continue to the next page to WATCH a puppy rescue that will melt your heart!!