50 Pets Saved In Just One County After Being Tethered To Trees Or Pole During Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma struck the Caribbean and southern United States not long ago. It produced winds nearing 145 miles per hour, and displaced many people from their homes. Sadly — many left their pets behind.

Just like Hurricane Harvey that occurred the week before Irma, Florida was hit just as hard as Texas. People were fleeing their homes trying to make it to safety as quickly as they could.

The reasons why people left their pets behind is different for every person and every situation. As dog lovers — it’s hard to imagine why or how anyone could leave them behind. For many, they would be the first priority.

The winds are not only strong, but they can pick up debris that could then fly and injure a human, or a dog left outside. Not to mention — the winds were strong enough to throw a dog or pet dozens of yards in the air.

People have become outraged at the number of pets that have been left behind during these storms, no matter the situation that was presented. Director of Animal Care, Diane Suave, is fuming.

“When you are doing this in the face of a devastating storm, this is absolutely felony animal cruelty. It’s deliberate. It’s intentional. And we will prosecute people for this,” she says.

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