5 Reasons Why Your Kid Needs A Dog

Think dogs and kids don’t go together?  Think again.  Dogs can teach children important life lessons. Ultimately, the only person who knows what’s right for your family is you.

People, even strangers, are happy to give you all sorts of unsolicited advice about when to get a dog. You will hear that you should get rid of a dog because having a child isn’t fair to the dog and could even possibly hurt the child.

You might even here other pieces of “advice” like – “If you already have a child, do not get a dog because you won’t have time to take care of it.” Really?

Not only the unconditional love and companionship that come with dogs, they can also teach a unique set of life lessons that will stick with your child forever. How great is that?

Read on to see the top 5 reasons to get a dog! Not that you really needed any convincing, right?