4-Week Old Malamute Puppies Test Out Their Howling Skills!

howling malamute puppies

With all of the dog videos out there, it can get a little repetitive seeing dogs perform the same tricks or say “I love you” to their owners. But one thing that never gets old? PUPPIES! These Malamute puppies are proof!

It’s true. Watching puppies do anything cute at all will never ever get old. If there was just some way I could get paid to sit in a room full of puppies all day long? That would be my dream job. Heck – they don’t even have to pay me!

There’s 6 – yes, SIX – adorable Malamute puppies in the video you’re about to see that are only 4-weeks old. They’re just trying to figure out how the world works and even how their own little bodies work.

In this short 7 second clip – all 6 puppies are trying out their howling skills together. Figuring out how these vocal chords work and of course, who can howl the loudest. It’s amazing how their instincts kick in.

Continue to the next page to watch these six cutie pies have a howl-off between one another. It’s so precious and I was to snuggle up with all of them, please!