250 Animals Rescued From Death Row

In an incredibly heart-warming story of deep love and compassion, hundred of volunteers and SPCA staff come together to rescue more than 250 dogs and cats from certain death by euthanasia at overcrowded shelters in Virginia and Alabama.

These states do not have aggressive spay and neuter laws so there is an “overabundance of homeless animals.” said SPCA Director Nicole Harris.  Many of the animals were neglected, abused and abandoned.

This dramatic video documents the huge challenges in coordinating the rescues.  It all begins at the SPCA headquarters in Martinsville, Virginia with Harris at the helm.  Over the next 4 days and 4 states, SPCA mobile rescue Red Star trucks will transport these animals to a facility in Port Washington, New York more than 550 miles away.  The trip will take 10 hours to complete.  There the animals will be checked by veterinarians and groomed.  Once the animals all pass these tests, they will be placed in adoption centers and taken to their forever homes.

At another location in Alabama, Phase 2 of the rescue operation is underway.  10 aircraft and volunteer pilots from Pilots N Paws arrive in Greenville, Alabama.  Pilots N Paws, founded in 2008, is an organization of over 5,000 men and women who love animals and love flying.

Rescue volunteers throughout Alabama have gathered here with animals from overcrowded shelters that otherwise would have been euthanized.  Over 140 dogs and cats will be flown to 4 different locations in Florida where even more volunteers will be waiting to greet the animals and take them to various no-kill shelters throughout Florida.

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