20 Dogs With Unique, Amazing (and Hilarious) Coat Markings. No. 11 Was Our Favorite!

Dog coats come in every color and pattern, it seems – but there are some dogs who enter life looking a lot different from others in their litters or in their linear heritage. The ones we’ve compiled here are some of the strangest and most beautiful looking!
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We found photos of 20 dogs where natural mutations got even crazier than the slight abnormalities you might have seen walking around on four legs.

So, as you go through the next pages, prepare to be amazed. Here are the wildest, cutest and funniest dog coats you’ve never seen – be sure to go through all the pages, because the last one will make you laugh out loud like I did!

Continue on the next pages to see some of the most amazing looking rare dogs you have ever seen!