10 Things To Know To Keep Your Dog Healthy For A long Life


Have you ever given your dog treats from the table?  Does someone in your home smoke? Have you ever brushed your dog’s teeth?  Is your dog microchipped? These are all questions a dog owner should consider.

We are all doing our best to keep our dogs happy and loved, but while hugs are great, these loyal companions need extra care just like people. They are still living creatures that require TLC.

These are simple things to keep in mind when considering the health of your dog.  We have found 10 things to help keep your dog happy and living a long life.  These are simple, small actions that will make a big difference in your dog’s safety and longevity.

#1) Obesity – Dogs can suffer the side effects of being overweight just like humans can. Heart disease, joint pain, diabetes, cancer and breathing problems are all side-effects of having extra pounds.

Be sure you don’t overfeed your dog and give them plenty of exercise. Lots of walks are good for both of you!healthy

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