10 Of The Funniest “Thoughts Of A Dog”


Have you ever wondered what a dog would say if they could talk? Sometimes, I feel like I understand my dog and know exactly what would they would say. So does the hilarious Twitter account “Thoughts of Dog.”

Each tweet is a hysterical “thought” that a dog might have. They are absolutely hilarious and so spot on. We think you’ll love them too.

Here are 10 of the best “thoughts of a dog.”

I can picture my dog saying every single one of these!

10. Out of breath, but totally happy. I love my life.


9. Oh, silly dog. 


8. And if you break the law, you go to jail.


Are these resonating with your dog and household? It’s like they got into the brain of a dog and tweeted their exact thoughts. We have more to show you!

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